He wasn't there when I needed him
No, he was never around
It didn't matter if he let me down
I didn't care about the lies
Now all I knew was that he loved me very much
He was my hero in disguise

I'm so pleased I never gave up on him
Oh well you wouldn't believe some of the things that he did
And everyone said you have to give him some time
And I'm glad that I gave it to him cause now everything's fine
Now you see I never thought you'd be a constant person in my life

I know you wouldn't but there is no need
No need to apologise
Because I know you'll always love me very much
You are my hero in disguise

You might have thought you didn't teach me much
But you taught me right from wrong
And it was when you didn't keep in touch
Well it taught me to be strong
And just in case you ever thought I would
I wouldn't change you for the world
Because I know you'll always love me very much
I'll always be you're little girl

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